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Diary, December 8-14, 1918

(2) Dec. 8-Sun up at 4 am. Every thing policed & on our way at 8 am. Hit these towns. St. Maurice, Avillers, Woel, Latour, Labenville, Sugemont, Mars La tour and at 5:30 pm. at Jarny. was a long tiresome hike clear across the Woevre plains. were 25 K. west of Metz at nearest point. 2 K. from Conflans. all territory covered today has been held by Jerry for over 4 years. Saw avaition fields & mines. Am all in tonite. we played very much today. covered 30 k. today - 21 yesterday. good jerry bunks tonite. Civilians have been here thru the war.

(3) Dec. 9- Mon. Left Jarny at 11. Hung up on way - got no mes at noon. Got in at Lixieres at 3:30. got mess at 5. We went thru Conflans, Abbeville, Fleville. 13 kilos. Very muddy. Paid tonite. Oct Pay as band Cpl. 109 Fr. Saw big Cath. at Jarny. Conflans just a big rail yard. Gothing swiped a candle from the cathedreal. went thru Ozeraillers

(4) Dec. 10- Tue 4th day of hike 13 kilos went close to Brily Left Lixiers at 9oc am. Stoped at Nonroy [ ] Sec. and played Reg thru - then hiked thru Landres to Yivry Circourt. Nice place. we were the first American troops to sleep in Lixieres, speak much german at Nonroy we played so long - French women made coffee & served to band. would take no money. In this town they have a fine church and such a beautiful grave yard. played a concert & General King came out to hear & payed us a compliment. Col. spoke well of us. Raining now. got in at 2 oc pm

(5) Dec 11 Wed Left at 9 oc am. raining & I have no r. coat. Went thru Mercy Le Boc & to Joppercourt where we saw 166 areo sq. then to a valley & rr yards & up to Fillieres - a nice place - ate in a barn. decorations in honor [ ] Liberateurs. Then thru beautiful valley to Serrouville & to Errouville. keeping to good roads to villessrupt - 130 there. First City in Alsac and quite a few thousand pop. fine city. reachied here at 5:00 P.M. & then to Audun. making a 34 kilo hike. very tired. Audun - german 8000 pop. R.R. centre. my estimation for germans is raising. arrived here at 5:30 in a Russian prison camp. O.K. Roads along have been thru valleys & very beautiful. The noticible change in thrift & industry - this place under germ. rule for 50 years you can see the diff as soon as you cross border. Far different & more like America than France. Eddil paid me 20 Fr today. 5th day of hike - 109 kilo in all.

(6) Dec 12 Thur 6th day of hike - left at 10 am. behind 2nd Bn. went out of Audun Letisch and Lorraine into Esch in Luxemburg. a city of 200-000, fine place. most & largest industral plants I've seen in Europe. People clean & prosperus looking. very sociable to us. we played thru city. Business seems to be going 1st rate. We then passed thru Modercence, Ehlange, Reckange, and at 3:30 - raining all the time, pulled in Dippach. Billeted in school house with a clean floor & stove going. good to the band. 18 K today - 127 total. feet awfully sore - heel caused me much pain.

Dec 13 Fri- Raining. we are resting - Taylor & I had some Beer & visited church. Small but beautiful. Alter grand carved walnut & images carved on it. quite different from french style. more gorgeous in design & with the walnut work. 12 K from Lux. city. Had bread & milk today. Wrote mother. Rec letter from - Maude Nov 17, Olan 17, Cecil 18, Thelma 11, Miles 19, Ruby 15, Mother Nov 17. ad from Walgomot & cavanaugh.

(7) Dec 14 Sat Left here at 8 marched thru Bertrange, Strassen, sub. of Luxemburg, Bridel, Stansel and stopped at Heisdorf. Visited church. small but very pretty. met a woman who spoke english and Lived in Aurora 5 year. 4 year ago. on way passed thru the most beautiful forest, wonderfull road - out of forest into the most beautiful forest, wonderfull road - out of forest into the most beautiful and well kept valley. people so clean & keep country so neat. houses with slate roofs & stucco walls. Very modern looking. people very sociable [written at side] 16K

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December 1918