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Diary, December 15-20, 1918

(8) Dec 15 Sun started at 8. went thru Luxemburg. Made 18 kilos without rest. played thru Luxemburg. being Sunday we saw many people and all fine, clean cut people. The city is quite modern. 15 & 18 story buildings made you think you were in U.S.A. Swell looking women. Beautiful drive thru city and thru the valley out. Their officer escorted us thru city. Lux Has a band of 62 [or 12] pieces, taken many prizes in Europe - Such sociable fine people. I came thru hike in fine shape. No rain. Saw parts of 91 & 79 Div. fine roads all the way. Have been getting some fine regular German meals. such cooking. and they treat you as if you were a son. this is Hagelsdorf.

Dec 16 Mon had shoes fixed, raining. this is no good town. more like the french. feet in good shape. yesterday we made Walferdange, Bereldange, Helvisange, Beggen, Eich, Luxemburg, Neudorf, Senningen, Hostert, Oberannen, Nieder Annen, Roodt sev Tyre. Olingen. Betzorf. Hagelsdorf- 31 kilos in all. This is Lux. ink I am using now. We dont wear overcoats. Rec. greetings from Rose Levin. Very pro german here in some families. Had picture taken this side Luxemburg.

Dec 17. Tue- at 11:30 rec orders to move & at 2 we were moved & all set. felt at home to be on the road again. moved upon a hill 2 kilos away. In a b[ ] estate or castle on the hill. Had 4 beers & some candy. we are not in any army now. Lowden is trying to get us home I hear. sent some cards. trucks sent back

Dec 18-Wed. spent morning in Beer shop writing. wrote [ ] to mother, Cecil, Maude, [placed out of sequence (This is Berg.] Miles and Olan. This is a regular castle [ ] the hill, high tower, thick walls, parapets, barred windows. Beautiful castle & horses here. Also a straight stretch of road here. Cold & Rainy. Packing up to go on. Had wafles, jam, coffee and sider that was as good as champagne.

(9) Dec 19 Thur Left at 8 - raining & snowing, high wind went thru Olingen, Juglingster, Godbacenge, Heflingen and stopped at Larochette. This is a summer resort, in a deep valey, road leading in is on a steep side. lined with firs. City looks to be built in to the rock walls which are over 1000 feet high in places. Visited the Old Citidel or ruins of it. built by Louis 14th. a marble slab bears date 1123. It is on highest projection hundreds of feet above the city in Valley. Dungeons, deep wells underground arches & passages, cells, firing holes in the towers. walls 3 & 4 ft thick. built on up on the point of the high stone bluff. Church here wonderfull. fine beer. large healthy women here. played concert at 3.25 in their band stand in Public sq. we are billeted in large school. 21 Kilos today. Put my name on guest book at citidel. Inscription on Marble slab is Anno MCXXIII Nom's Julii, Abiit Marcus Artovicus Frigedes a Rupe.- On the river Ernz-Blanche. Had a good audience during concert & when Nat. Anthem was played they removed their hats, a turist town.

(10) Dec 20 Fri- Snow storm. tops of great hills white. Left at 8 oc. went thru Medernach, Stegen, Schie[ ] Ettellriick at 11:30 AM. Played Reg in. 15 k hike. very cold. Snow & rain. Are in Hospital. nuns here. we have a stage here. coming in this valley. the mts in distance covered with snow. This is a large town, any thing you want. Railroads and the Alzette r. runs thru town. modern buildings and wealthy looking people - 45 pc band here. 3 k's from Diekirch. Stop here for a while. Large crowd for retreat tonite. (on detail). Frogs saluted & civiis removed hats even tho it was raining some. played a few pieces.

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