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Diary, April 20-26, 1919

Apr. 20-Sun Easter. got up early. went to depet & left at 8. went to KlenisBerttlingen, changed train & crossed border into Belgium, stoped at city of "Arlon". Had a fine dinner here. saw very old castle like Cathedral. saw an ancient church & new cathedral. beautiful city, many Belg- soldiers and a great many fine looking women. at 1:45 we went to Lux. City. stayed there an hour or so & got to Ettelbruck after 4 PM. Band playe[d] church & concert at Diekirck. I pressed my clothes. Saw ruins of an ancient church at Bovingen.

x Apr 21. Mon- Big insp. for cooties & physical by SOS inspector. Said this was the cleanest co. he ever inspected. insp on field of Hdq Co. GM & ret. Played going thru town. let Elmer have 5 Fr. sent to sets of cards to Mother. cool today.

Apr 22 Tue One big day. up early 9 oc out. while 33rd Div. massed in reg. formation on field by Ettlebruck, formed by 12. Had bite to eat at 1:3 Gen Pershing, Bell, Sect War Baker came. They rode in review. then dismounted & band w[as] inspected by Pershing. Then we played while the whole div. [ ] inspected. The 8 bands were massed & divide into 2 sections. Inf. bands - 4, in one - art & 101 Eng. band in other. 350 musicians. Entire band played Star. S. Banner. Distinguish & other medals were then given to men by Gen Pershing with a hand shake. Gen Bell got medal. Then Reg. passed in review in column of companies, bayonets fixed, wonderful sight. Areoplane manuvored & took pictures for over an hour & did some stunts. Then we massed around reviewing stand. Gen Per gave us a fine speech & then Sect War Baker gave a few word address which we all appreciated. His first sight of a massed Division. civilians lined entire field. The most impressive sight I've witnessed. Bands played all afternoon. Wolf came in this evening. Congressmen Harrison, McKinley, Madden, Ex Gov. Yates & Persh. 9 yr. old son & other Ill. men [ ]

Apr. 23. Wed Show down isnp. by Col Meyers. then GM & ret. cars coming in for us. went to see Alice tonite. at noon had complete phy. & cootie insp. time going slow. Rec letter from Maude Apr 1

Apr 24 Thur Loafed all morning. GM in afternoon. Many 5th Div. fellows here. washed our windows, sig. clothing slip. 2 new Id. tags. Taylor rec. good news f[rom] home. No more mail to leave here. Had a walk to Warken and saw Ettelbruck Electric power house. Boilers under the Engines. Very small plant.

Apr 25. Fri. mopped out & rid our selves of all old magazines & letters. G.M. got a bed from now on. Chief gave us doo Fr for a treat because he rec his commission as 2nd Leut yesterday. We have do nuts cognac, & a keg of beer. Big time tonite & Lieuten[ ] Haight is celebrating with us. 130 Inf. left this morning at 10:38. Have Kaiser painted on our dru[m] head now. Todays paper gave big account of insp.

x Apr. 26. Sat Bath. this morning. Shoe sewed, cases packed. GM & ret. rainy. washing done. got 4 Div. Pictures. got letter from Mother Apr 7. Then we played for the boys leaving tonite. 123 Mch. Gun Bn & M Co.

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