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Letter, April 28, 1918

[Letter on color stationery of the Y.M.C.A. -- "WITH THE COLORS"]

Same old place yet. Apr 28 - 18

Dear father & mother -

I am as yet in Camp Logan. I have sent you the trunk all packed full. Do as you like with all of it only save it. if you can use anything make use of it. My shrapnel shell you can get on inside of it by unscrewing the nose. Camera you can use all you please - dont loan it out to anyone. I have a sewing awl too that may come in handy. Way down in bottom of my trunk is my lambskin or Masonic emblem. Take that to Gus Schultz' Drug Co. and have him fill it out or give you one of the Anchor lodge in Danville and fill it out. I would rather have one of my home lodge than one of the lodge down here and they may be willing to exchange if you should ask about it. Sat. nite was my last chance to go down town before leaving and I took 3rd degree - so I am now a Mason. I am sure glad I was able to complete it here.

I sent keys to trunk to you in the lesson book of the schools. in a little roll. Take everything out of my trunk. After you have it all out, then you can place back what you want kept in the trunk. We may leave here tomorrow or maby not for a few days. Across I guess don't know tho. We are all hoping we get to go. So write to this ad. and it will be forwarded. If you don't hear from me for quite a while you will know that it is because I can't write and dont be surprised. My trunk I sent down town by a fellow and he is going to express it for me. There are so many going I dont know when you will get it. But dont worry if it don't arrive when you think it should. I expect the charges will be something a fright - but will make it all up to you by allotments. We are so busy here we don't have time to think. Every body on furlows are now here ready to go. Even the little Sgt that went for 60 days is here and is going with us.

I have now gotten rid of every bit of personal property. Well dear mother I will let you hear from me as much as I can all along - but if you dont hear from me you will know it is on account of my not being able to do so. I will write to Maude if I can before we go. Call her and see if she gets a letter or not - maybe I can't write to her. I am also sending some pictures of the Alvin folks. Mr. and Mrs. Smith & Uncle & Aunt and kids I have been seeing most every week.

Part of our Division hav gone. We are going awfully soon. I am now all ready. I have my degrees in Masonry and all packed and everything I need so I am ready.

The friends are waiting to take this letter down town so I will have to close - and if I find I have more time later I will write you more.

So dont worry about me for I am all O.K.

With lots of love from your son.

Paul B.

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April 1918