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Letter, September 27 (or 26), 1918

[Letter on color stationery of the American Y.M.C.A.]

Sept. 27 (or 26) 1918

My dear Father & Mother

I have just rec. a pay for 2 mos. and am sending 100 f. or $17.69 (or $16.69) money order. I could send more, but one never knows how long it will go before you are paid and it is a very good idea to keep a little on hands - I had 100 f. with me when I hit Paris and was able to get around and make use of opportunity.

On returning to my organization I found a letter there from you, Fleda & Arthur [ ] pictures of daddy & cornet, which sure is good. Certainly looks natural. And the one picture of you, Aunt & Uncle I had in Camp I guess. I had been wishing so long for some pictures, you can imagine how glad I was to get them. Am expecting to hear from you oftener now as you said you were not going to neglect writing such a long time and hope you keep your word.

Well my little time in Paris sure came as a surprise to me as I could hardly expect that much. I got to spend all day Sunday and most of Monday there.

It certainly is the cleanest, most beautiful city a person could imagine, every building nearly seems to be a piece of art in its self. You meet many people who speak English, which is some help.

That Eiffel Tower is sure a wonder big piece of iron structure, was right up by it. Its immense. And the Concord is a large square with many pieces of art. The Arch of Triumph - saw it too.

Was in some of the places and the buildings on the inside are fine as you could imagine.

I hope sometime to have the privelege of spending more time there, as so many places of interest on the inside, I just had time to notice from the outside.

I got to see many other interesting cities on the way to & from school For it was a long way there and we had to do a great ammount of changing in making the trip.

I mailed you a letter in Paris. I dont know if you will get it or not. Well I am about to be reduced from corporal. will be reduced in rank but not in pay as I am now detailed to the band and my transfer will come later. I dont know what you will think of me doing this, but as it is me that is either pleased or has to suffer for the change I guess you wont think much one way or the other. Only I feel that I will have a better job, The band is run different from over in the states and this is a different bunch of fellows and I believe I will like them better than the Old 5th bunch. And being reduced sure doesn't worry me much - Altho I know I am not making use of all my opportunities for promotion -

Has August Allotment of $15 been rec. yet. Let me know just as soon as you can if it comes. For it is being taken out of my pay.

The money you can use if you need it, otherwise put it in the bank to my credit so in case I do get home sometime I can have a little to start me off on at least.

As I can, along, I will be sending money home. And you will know what I want done with it. Everything I owe you be sure and take out. I hope to have quite a bit more than this waiting for me, for I expect I will need all I can save up. And I will do my best to save it.

Well I will now try and get this sent.

Hoping you are all as well as I am.

I will close with a world of love for daddy & mom.

Paul B Hendrickson

Hdq. Co 129 Inf. A.E.F.

[letter endorsed by ( ) Capt 129 Inf.]

[note appended, apparently by his mother]

While in Crawford the first time I didn't write to him. was sending a letter every week and didn't get any thing from him excepting the first letter so I had the feeling that my letters would go straggling along and that he wouldn't realize that I didnt write for 3 weeks but at the end of my visit it dawned on my mind what if my letters were getting to him somewhat regular. he sure would come to a place where he wouldn't get any letters and sure enough he did and some of the letters have been heart crushers to me for I felt so condemned to think of my dear boy longing to hear from me. The children have been slackers about writing him but they felt that as he heard from them thru me as they heard from him the same way that he perhaps was satisfied but there has been letters going to him since that time - even before they knew he was craving them. The last letter he wrote he had recd 14 in one day letters among them were some from me. It seemed when he began getting letters from me after that break that there was a bunch he didnt get so he got them all in a bunch. now you can return these as early as you feel like.

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September 1918