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Letter, November 9, 1918

[Letter on color stationery of the Y.M.C.A., Union Franco-Américaine. Received November 29, 1918.]

Nov. 9- 1918

My dear Cecil-

Just a few lines tonite to you. I am not busy, but some one stole our light bulb and we have not very much light, but as long as the fellow by me stays with his candle, I can write. How are you getting along with your work. Would like to see you tonite. I would be glad to see most any one over there tho just now.

We work hard now all the time kept busy rehearsing. our leader is getting quite a bit of new music. Some is good and some is not worth a d---. But we have so little we make use of all we can get.

I have not been getting mail from home now for a long time. I wonder if the trouble is at the source or if some boat has sunk with it. Am waiting patiently.

We are making pancakes to nite on our grate. Our fire places are handy for more things than just heat.

Tomorrow we sew on our six month service stripes. Our band has new clothes, serge caps and with our new stripes (gold ones) we will look pretty neat. They furnish trucks for us and takes us to different towns where the fellows are and give concerts and play for shows and any kind of intertainment we can get up for the fellows.

I have been transferred to the band as a corporal, but am going to ask to be reduced, as there are ones here who deserve to be a noncom. and who think they should have it, and I am willing they shall. I've been a Cpl. as long as I care about it. But the captain would not reduce me when he transferred me and ask he last night what I thot of it. He said he would not transfer me and reduce me unless I ask it of him. There are far better musicians in the band than I am who are 3rd class mus. and I don't feel right to hold a non com job, when they feel as if I am realy taking something that by right belongs to them.

Well some time I may get to see you. I have more confidence in the thot, now that all of fritz's allies are out of the race, but fritzie dont like to stop him self so I guess we will have to walk into his country yet.

And I guess we're the ones who can do it too.

But just the same they cant decide to call it off now too soon, for I have dear friends who I'd like to see and its been quite a while since I've set foot inside of my home - and will I ever? Time will tell.

Not many months ago I did not have the least idea I ever would, but now I feel in a way as if it is possible. Well dear little pal - I will close tonite and try and write more soon.

Hope you have success in your work and I hope I get to see you sooner than any of us expect. write soon. yours -

Paul B Hendrickson - Hdq Co 129 Inf

A.E.F. via N.Y.

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November 1918