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Letter, March 5, 1919

[Letter on color stationery of the American Y.M.C.A. Received March 24, 1919.]

Mar 5 1919

Dear Mother -

I am sending just a word before I leave for southern France for a couple of weeks. I am glad for this privelege. It will help much to pass the long days between now and starting home time.

I rec. a couple letters from Maude today. Was expecting one from you - so now I guess I will not hear from you until I get back from my leave.

The whole band is going. Everyone in high spirits - so glad - after all these months for a bit of liberty.

I still have a couple letters of yours mother that I am going to ans. when I find a few quiet moments.

It looks like I just got well in time. I did not know when at Echternach that we were going to be fortunate enough for any thing like this. Yesterday our Infirmary released me. so now I am set all Ok for the trip with the rest of the boys. Elmer and I are planning quite a sight seeing campaign and have agreed to see every thing & go every place that fortune favors us with the opportunity.

Mother - today I sent home a boche steel helmet. Inside are some pamphlets on Vianden & a book Ive been reading and a leather pouch. If you rec. this letter before the helmet, I'll ask you not to unwrap it until I get home. Of course if you rec. git first & unwrap it - don't do it up again - just keep all the articles together. This is a request and I hope you will do it - for I don't think it will be so long now until I can be there to do it.

As this is just a little personal letter regarding the helmet I will say a few things as regards women. I hear from quite a few girls - all write in a very friendly way but nothing more than that. What else you may hear of put out of your mind for you have the right idea concerning me. I will tell you later why I feel this way. Probly do this while on leave.

I am glad you rec. my first box. The leather is an Englishmans belt - the brass buckle of a peculiar type goes on it. The little Napoleon I am glad got there ok, as it must have or you would have mentioned it.

So you did not know who the little man was. Well I see so much about him over here - I suppose every one would recognize the little statue at once.

Weather is beautiful. Sun hot and everything like spring - flowers beginning to bloom - Does one good to feel the warmth of the sun again. To many people here dying from influenza and other respiratory troubles. So many in mourning.

The people tell us that this is the most beautiful season of the year where we are going. I hope so.

As I am very busy getting ready I will close now and write more when I get there and can tell you from my own experience how southern France looks.

With love to you all and hope you are well. I am as ever your loving son.

Paul B Hendrickson

Hdq co 129 Inf A.E.F.

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March 1919