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Letter, April 19, 1919

[Letter on color stationery of the American Y.M.C.A. Received May 13, 1919]

Ettelbruck Lux.

April 19 - 1919

My dear Cecil-

I have here your letters of March 16, 23, 30, the last one I rec - today with the candy - It came thru in fine shape, only a bit soft, but held together fine.

I am glad you have the waltz I wrote you of. Can hardly wait until I can hear you play it. We have Mickey in song form & band arragement - swell number alright. Will be glad too when your vacation starts so you will have more time to devote to music which I sure want you to do. I am expecting to get some selections on records when I get home of pieces we have placed. and some others I like well - that I am sure the folks have not. And I cant help but look forward to a good time this summer even tho I am still over here.

It is my hope to be in the states most as soon as this letter does. As we have made no move yet, it can't seem possible that we are to be the next ones to go. God knows we are making priparations enough but still we are here.

Sure glad to hear you have your extra room most complete at your date of writing. You will have it well broken in by the time I arrive on the streets of germantown again.

We have had our time turned up an hour over here - about the time you wrote of. but we don't get up until near 7 oc. which is nice for us as the days are long enough even tho they are going fast.

Was surprised to hear of Hendrix having a car. Sure fine for you. You will find it a source of enjoyment & recreation many times during the summer to have a little spin after your days work at the store.

We are having wonderful spring weather here now. Flower beds in full bloom - hills green and everything full of life. The weather is so balmy I am almost home sick. Over two years now since being with the loved onces at home - and after what I've seen over here - you can imagine how I wish to be back again.

Every one is in good spirits, and anxiously waiting the orders that will send us on our way rejoicing.

I cannot begin to answer all your good letters as there is so much to do. and very little time for writing and so much going on to take your mind from it. I don't have any idea that I will get any more written to you from over here - Not expecting to at least. as we won't be able to send out mail but a few days more.

We played a good concert down town today, was a fine warm afternoon and every thing went well. Just felt like playing.

Cecil there is so much I want to say I can't get it into words in the length of time I have to write, & I'm not going to attempt it. In a very few weeks perhapps I can also don my civilian uniform - Well I will close for tonite.

With love to all - I am

as ever your Pal

Paul B Hendrickson.

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April 1919