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Postcard, April 19, 1917Postcard view

[Postcard -- Scene: Fifth Infantry Armory, Quincy, Ill.]

Apr. 19-1917-Quincy Ills. %Armory Hall.

Dear Mother, received your card today. was quite a relief to hear from home once. As for me I'm not working much, just a little now and then, keeps me here all day tho. Big parade today we play for. Well you may be glad that I am where I am before long. For the band is decidedly the best, not only in pay, but the drilling, guard duty, and strictness to all rules the other fellows have to go thru with, and let me tell you they have some drill work too. We have rehearsal in morning, parade drill on street in afternoon & concert at 7:30 P.M.- Thats all. besides eat. I've made no acquaintances outside Armory fellows. I have gone to 2 shows. Don't care much for them. will write letter when I get yours. I am all well.

You loving son - Paul B.

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