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Postcard, May 15, 1917


Quincy Ills % Armory May 15 - 1917

Dear Father-

Well how is every thing with you by this time. I expect you are having plenty to do, are you not? I certainly am getting enough to do here. Am busy most all the time. Are drilling us pretty hard just now.

I don't know what they have in mind. Can't find out any thing, but that we will maybe go to camp as soon as our tents get here. but we don't know where we will go to.

Has Arthurs been down to see you any. Our head quarters co. outside of the band have been isued rifles now and they are drilling with them.

3 of the band men went home today and 3 go tomorrow.

weather is getting warmer now. Seems pretty nice - kind o' hot on drill tho - please let me hear from you soon.

Your son   Paul B

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