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Newspaper Article, Aug 3, 1917

[Newspaper Article: The Quincy Daily Journal, Aug 3, 1917, p. 11]




"Chaplain's Night" at Camp Parker, which was observed Thursday night was one of the most successful of any since programs have been given there, and after a splendid concert by the Fifth Infantry band, the program of stunts that was given by camp talent in the recreation tent, proved that in the Fifth, there is some sterling material, selected from various walks of life and they are real entertainers.

The band played the concert from 7:15 until 8 o'clock, and the strains of the music were heard almost all the way to down town in Quincy. All through the North End, comments were heard today about the music, and this in spite of the fact many were down town early Thursday night to attend the concert given in Washington park by the Republic traveling band.

Chaplain Fawcett Presides

The program given in the recreation tent was presided over by Bishop M. Edward Fawcett, chaplain of the regiment, who carried out his part of the program in his accustomed good naturedand smiling manner. A quartet of members from Company F sang two songs and then a like organization from Company B proved equally good.

After a selection by the band and a piano solo by Mr. Steed, the soldiers felt assured that the feeling which has prevailed since the first program was given at the camp, that they have first class material, was right.

Imitations and impersonations by Mr. Hainline of Company F, and some like features by Mr. Morgan of Company B and a comedy sketch, "The Monkey and His Master," by two members of the Fifth Infantry band, proved top notch. Selections on a French harp by a member of Company B, readings by a member of the same company and readings by Von Plessig completed the program.

The regimental fund is being added to and all who desire to contribute to it are reminded they had better act quickly, because soon the boys will be leaving. They do not know the date but there will be little advance notice of it.

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