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[Postcard -- Scene: Vianden]

This is the prettiest card view I've seen of the castle & town.

The battlements of the castle & its walls are of immense thickness and its small windows barred with heavy bars of iron.

The rock seems to run right into a castle for you can hardly tell where the solid rock stops & the masonry part begins. considering ancient methods of war - this must have been a place of formidable strength.

Its deep well in the center and the most protected portion of castle. The long underground passages. winding stairs- valted halls and great pillars & arched ceilings of the chapel- its dungeons & cells. were all of more interest to me than I have words to express - to say it was a dream of childhood come true would be but telling the truth. If I should have come on a trip to Europe, my one object would have been to see places like this.

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