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Letter to Paul B, April 20, 1918

1211 Dakota St. Danville Ill. April 20, 1918

My own dear Boy:- Well I am wondering where you are and what you are doing. I know now that it is only a matter of time till you start for France from what the papers state. It spoke of the Camp Logan Division being in long training and sure drilled & toughened for any place in the fighting lines. So that means you will be soon trid along the lines in which you have been receiving you various instructions and drillings. I am going to try and be brave and be as optimistic in the matter as I can. I know you want to go and that makes it easier to bear, both for you and me. We will trust that nothing shall come to you except for your good and mine. Well I felt that this April was going to have some new trials and I am not surprised ad what is coming to me. Guy is called will leave next Friday from Georgetown. He will go to Camp Dodge in Iowa. O what the Mothers hearts must bear and the wives & sweet hearts. Guy is just simply tickled never saw him better pleased over any thing. They found it out Thur. eve. that he was to go. Sr Rife saw it in the paper and spoke to papa about it. so that eve I went to Kings and called them up. So last evening they came and stayed all night & this Morning they went to Crawford for a few days visit. will come back here Tues. eve and stay all night then down home wed. and wed night a lot of their friends are coming in to have a little visit with Guy before he goes then they will come up here Thur. evening again and be here the last night. And I think I I will have Arthurs here that last eve. It seems my children are well thought of. They all hate to see Guy go. and may be you dont think we are sad to have him go. It seemed when he was around there was one we could lean on - and how in a freer condition to help us in case we needed some one. But now that prop is gone too

This is an awful bad day. so bad for them to start out it began raining last night a cold rain from the East. and it is now about eleven and hasn't ceased one bit yet. But seems to be getting a little lighter. I hope it warms up a little. We have our room stove in the closet so it is sit by the kitchen stove Well daddy sent for a rug and Japanese Matting (green) for the kitchen and an oil cloth rug 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 for under the stove in the room this winter. O how I am in hopes you will get to spend the winter at home this coming winter. From the way the papers state the Germans are surely getting the worst of it and one cant see how they can hold out much longer against such an army as the U.S. can gather up. And it does look like they will soon see that when they run up against the "Sammies" it is no set of school boys as they might have thought. Did I tell you that we were making our bedstead to look like a brass bed and I took all the pictures of yours that have the gilt frames and put a new coat on them & they look even better than when first framed. and took all the penants and brushed them hard with clothes brush and then hung them on the clothes line nearly all day in hot sun and wind and they look real nice. But I will not put up more than two or three, one on the north wall by your desk and one small one to the west, then one between the picture and commode. O I might put 4 up but hardly think I will. I will get moth balls and put the others away so they will be nice for you when you come home. Say! I put some of that binder under the picture moulding in your room, and with the ceiling with all new paper and the picture frames made new looking and every thing cleaned up curtains and all it looks so neat and nice, and if only the boy was here to use it. the carpet not being used much the last year looks much better than the one in our room. That old cow horn and rabbit ears & tail and the brown ribbon you had, I washed the ribbon and cleaned it all up again and it is back where it was. so you can just about know how your room looks. and the nice scarfs that Della made for dresser and commode help out too. Sr Rife and Cecil were up last night till bed time. it was the first for Cecil for a long long time. She was so glad to get to see the enlarged picture of yours they both think it just fine. Cecil certainly is getting so nice and ladified. is wearing nose glasses and does odd to her appearance. Well I thought sure old Trix would be dead by this morning as he acted yesterday like he could not put through the day. one time he straightened out and his head jerked, I thot sure he was dying but rallied from that. but he lay all day and could scarcely move. But this morning he was over in the box between cupboard and stair door. and later walked back to stove & then on out doors and under the porch. So he came back and I gave him milk and little ground beef. and he ate it all yesterday was not able to get only a little milk down. They say cats have nine lives and it sure looks it. Yesterday, before Guys came out here they went to the Red Cross room and they furnished him with two good prs wool sox, a pr long wristlets, a sort of helmet, long scarf, and a good sweater. Then he bought an army blanket I believe he said it cost 9 dols. he also bought a Gillett razor outfit, costing the same as yours. he was told to get it. Say! he was sure proud of his outfit. he wore his sweater down there this morning as it was so cold. got his hair cut short excepting on top Now if he only dont get the rheumatism he may get along fine. He is going to try to get into the Aviation work Shepard who had been at Camp Logan told him how to do, to get transfered into other parts of the work, so he is going to do his best. He has a camera and has taken a picture of the airplane he made. Shephered told him to take that and also get a let. of recomendation from the contractor he worked under in carpentering. and something else I forget, I havnt seen Maude for so long. I guess her brother has had to to the Army too. I guess from what I heard the R.R. co., are not going to grant "passes" except in severe sickness or death. So our fun is done. I dont know who will put the shingles on the shop now that Guy is going away. Della had sewing to do for herself last night, as she had such short notice of this trip so Guy went up and got your reading lamp and we hooked it to the sink room light and we did fine. Another hen is hatching has 13 so that does better. Now I hope you get this letter and the other one I started off wed. and also the roll of wallpaper yet before you go away when you write please mention the letters so I know. Some of the Texas Soldiers that have been passing thru here have dropped off a card here in town and those that find them put them in the Post office so their folks gets them. I dont know as that is against rules or not - if it is I wouldn't want you to do it but if not I wish you would. How nice if they would only let you stop off for a day or two. But "nixie" I guess. well may God bless you my dear Boy and care for you is my daily prayer.

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Your Loving Mother. who longs to fold you in her arms again.

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I am wondering if you are back from your long hike and how you stood it. if you started about the time you said you were going to you havent time to be back yet. If you find out for sure that you are going to be rushed across the waters you might just as well send your trunk home. I dont believe they will hold you at another camp but for a very short time with all the drilling youve been thru. They are rushing them over fast now. I did want to get you a better picture of myself and one of daddy sent before you left. Has stopped raining but cloudy & cold yet wind is blowing

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