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Letter to Paul B, April 7, 1919

[Received 26 April 1919]

1211 Dakota St. Danville Ill. April. 7, 1919.

My Darling Boy:- That sounds real sentimental but certainly fills the longing of my heart. I did look strong for a letter or cards today - it being Mon. and so often your mail reaches us that day. of week. Last week on Mon. we got your cards - that is three of them, then on Tues got another. Well I will look strong for a letter from you the last of the week as it will be three weeks since your return from trip in Southern France. I do hope you had a fine trip all along and stayed well. I had to wonder if it wasn't a little too much of a climb up on that high Mountain you sent a picture of. If you sent me any more then 4 cards while on your trip they havn't got here yet. I didn't begin my letter last eve as I often do on Sun. evening. Mr. & Mrs King were over and spent the evening. Well I didn't wash today, but put the day in on Cecils dress and my nerves feels taxed, it is a little too much for me as I have gotten out of the way of doing nice sewing. only as I help Fleda occassionally. But it certainly is going to be a swell looking dress if I did make it. It is worth every bit of $5.00 to make it but I dont know if I will have the nerve to ask it. but I am sure she couldn't get any one else to make it for less then that and more thin likely 6 or 7 dols. One thing I do know I will never put sheass in another for less than 5 or 6 dols. Cecil will be willing to give me any price I ask. Well last Thur. the helmet came and it is alright. it was here when I got home Thur. evening. In my last letter to you I told you I was going to Sr. Claggetts well I stayed all night. She had been real sick again but was so she could be up when I came home. When I spied the old helmet & took it up and picked around over it and those holes on each side, you know as raised, well one of them was getting pretty well worn thru so I picked a little more and it came thru, daddy says "now keep on and you'll have it undone" I says no I wont either. But I am a real kid you know, but I will leave it till you are here to do it. I have seen couple helmets over at Sr. Schecters. So I can easily wait as I know how they look. Say buddy, just think one week gone already of April, and by the time you get this letter the Month will be gone then only a couple weeks till you fellows will be packed up to cross France to Embarkation point. The papers state that the Rainbow div. are on their way to Brest. beginning yesterday 3 trains daily for 7 days. Say Paul take all precautions for your health in traveling to the place you embark as your traveling accommodations are so imperfect over there. avoid taking cold as much as possible as there could be danger of flu or pneumonia but it is to be hoped that will be scarce at that time of season It is so warm now have the doors open. have our early garden most all made. put some out Sat. evening & some this evening. I have 39 little chicks. did have 40 but when I was gone one died for some reason. have another hen sitting set her Sat. eve. That is all we will set for right now we have as many chicks as we had last season. nearly so I think it was 42 we hatched off but they were from 5 settings while this is from 3 only. Well this coming Sat is the anniversary of your enlisting and leaving two years ago. it seems more like 3 or 4. And yet the time flies People are living so fast history is making it self fast. The daffodils are so full of bloom. The grass is long enough to cut. There is not very much sickness now like it was awhile back. Had a big letter from Bertha they were well and very busy she will write you about their buying town property. and her work so I will not take the time and space to write it, as she said she was going to write to you. Well we have The Overture from William Tell (Rossini) played by the Vocalin Concert Band. it is in four parts Part 1 Dawn Part II The Storm. Part III The Calm Part IV Finale. Say Boy! it is the grandest thing yet. of course it is classical but it sure is lively. of course every body wouldn't like it but I'll bet you will like it. it simply carries me away in places especially the Calm. of course the "storm" part is just about as pretty as a storm. The finale is a combination of all parts. it is a 12 inch record and it takes both sides for all of it. When we first got the phonograph I noticed the piece listed and ask if they had it they said they hadn't - but would send for it so they did. But we didn't happen to get down and they sold them. so they ordered again and we finally got it. I had never heard it but judged it would be nice. But I thought perhaps I might have to train my ear to like it but nay nay I liked it from the first My notion and daddys differ a little I would rather our selections would be principally of the high class music but he wants lots of funny ones so we can "laugh and grow fat" I guess. Of course I think its nice to have some amusing pieces but if one selects the better class they will not pass with the season. He has selected some very nice and classy pieces too. Burmiester was toping those trees of theirs. I tell you it is getting to be a job. His soldier brother who came from overseas in March helped him a while this afternoon. We were over to Pools last Friday evening and they have their talking Machine fixed so they played several pieces new ones they had sent to Sears Roebuck & Co. The Little wonders a doz for a dollar. some were the Fox Trot time so I told Florence to get out and show me how it was done. and she sure did. Say you would be surprised how good looking she is getting to be. she goes so fixed up all the time. and wears her hair so dressy and she is about the same height not quite as her mother and she stepped her off with her silk hoes and high heeled oxfords. I will finish in the morning. I cant think of anything more tonight. daddy has gone and layed down a while. he had the music going all evening about. Tuesday Morning the 8. Well I will hurry and add a few more lines. I am now ready to go to sewing. have been to Rifes twice already this Morn. Had a nice april rain last night, but sun shining bright this morning. I am enclosing a clipping that I feel sure you will appreciate - not that it will be news, as you know already from hardships endured and dangerous and bitter experiences in the face of the hottest battles that it is all true but I wanted you to know that the truth is coming to light - and you will notice why more has not been said. - just another item of selfishness of men greedy for all the honor. Save the clipping, it is worth saving. Does one good to see something come out in favor of the 33 div. I say give all the div.s their honor and all that is due them, but not rob worthy ones of their dues and honor. O I do hope to hear from you this week. Every thing looks so lovely this morning. I dreamed last night I had lost my mind. now that sounds crazy Well I sure felt queer and when I awoke in the night I even felt strange. The reason is I was rather nervous all day and had a headache all day, something unusual for me. I took a physic last night and yesterday Morning took salts so I feet better this morning. I have a time with my bowels since I was grunty. they are first one way then the other. but dont feel bad - till yesterday. God bless and keep you safe and well and a safe and speedy return home to the loved ones who eagerly await you with open arms. Oceans of love to you. Your loving Mother.


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