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Welcome to Jim and Betty Gill's family history homepage. We hope you will find something useful here. We'd like to hear from you. Please e-mail us.

Our genealogy program of choice is RootsMagic from Formal Soft. Since we have migrated from paper through several genealogy programs over 45 years, some information is not as well presented or documented as we would like. However, now that Jim's retired, one of his goals is to improve that situation.

We have decided to move our genealogy website to This will allow us to post a more complete copy of our database and update it quicker and more often. So, CLICK HERE, to visit our new genealogy website.

Betty's father, Paul B Hendrickson, was a veteran of World War I. When he passed away, we found neatly packed away in the family home 125 letters he wrote home to his mother and to the neighbor girl who after the war became his wife. We also found a diary kept during the year he was in France and almost 300 postcards which were sent home either individually or in envelopes. In addition, we have letters sent to him, negatives and prints taken at Camp Parker in Quincy, Ill., and at Camp Logan in Houston, Texas, and maps he drew of both camps. Much of this legacy has been added to his website. More will be added as time permits. To view this portion of our website, click the "World War I" button.

After a hiatus of some years, some newspaper clippings and postcard images are being added. Look for the small graphic  to see what's new.

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